The Ultimate "Ultimate" Rap

from by Modern Human

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We love Ultimate... so we made a rap about it.



Straight from Pleasant Valley Fields
S.U.C.S. gonna make you kneel
We play on Sunday (not Saturday dummy) and Friday
Flip a coin to pick the sides
Ro sham beau to pick my guy (pick me fool)
Throw it in the air
And catch it
You got ten seconds
Ah f**k it!

We be runnin'
We be catchin'
This is the game
We be gunnin'
We be throwin'

Frisbee in my hand
175 gram
It's a battle in the sky
Game of throw or die
Catch it like a pizza
Like a pancake
Drizzle Aunt Jemima
And act like it ain't fake
Small passes, big catches
Small passes, big dreams
This is how we do ultimate
In the 'burban scene
Cherry picker, cherry picker
Standing in the end zone
Bake me a pie
And I'll eat it when you die


Don't let that kid hit ya
Imma make that coach sit ya
Let's get it on
Kill their self esteem
When it comes to ultimate
I'm a lazer beam
Let the games begin
Gotta earn your stripes
Like your playing with the Bengals
We from da west
Imma wrangle you in (with some twine fool)
Jumpin' so high
You'd be thinkin' I was livin' on Mars (ah f**k it)
Another frisbee to the stars


Last on the track
I'm comin' atchoo
I own this yard
Herd you like Mother Goose
C'est la vie
Gonna sting you like a bumblebee
Roll up in the 'ccord
Make your knees feeble
American Eagle
I'm looking regal
Like a bald seagull
Frisbee so plush
Make your game date blush
Straight to the endzone
After I score
Gonna break your bone


from Concept Album (NAME TBA), track released February 7, 2011
Luke Sommer - Beats, rhymes, mix; Rachel Sommer - Rhymes; Taylor Magill - Rhymes


all rights reserved



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